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Need a Commercial Roofing Contractor Near Dallas-Fort Worth or Corpus Christi, TX?

Drone Roofing & Construction, LLC is a trusted commercial roofing company in Granbury, Texas. We install, repair and replace flat roofs. Our team uses cutting-edge software and military-grade materials to construct durable roofs. Once we've installed or repaired your roof, you'll experience peace of mind knowing your assets are covered.

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We'll complete your roofing project with ease and precision

We maintain an efficient process for our roofing jobs. When you hire us for commercial roofing work in Granbury, Texas, we'll:

  • Conduct a thorough drone roof inspection
  • File the paperwork with the appropriate ordinances
  • Order the materials
  • Repair or replace your roof
  • Re-inspect it at 20% completion and 80% completion

We'll keep you updated on our progress so you'll know exactly when your roof will be completed. Reach out to us today to schedule your roof inspection.